My name is Margot Hanley, and I’m a PhD Candidate in the Department of Information Science at Cornell Tech in New York City.

My research is centered on investigating the ethical, societal, and policy-related aspects of artificial intelligence (AI). I am particularly focused on understanding how AI might either pose risks to or augment core human values such as autonomy and self-expression.

My work spans two key areas. The first is the emerging commercialization of neurotechnology powered by AI, specifically brain-computer interfaces. This research involves empirical investigation of both strategic investments as well as design, development, and practical usage of these systems.

The second focus area is the growing influence of AI and big data on creative industries. I'm particularly interested in the degree to which these technologies and techniques either reshape the concept of creativity and expression, or simply act as tools that enhance existing creative processes.

I was previously a summer intern at Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective, as well as a doctoral fellow at the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech. I have been awarded grants by the Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation at Columbia University.

Before pursuing my PhD, I worked for five years in the technology department at Warby Parker. I completed my B.A. in Economics at Oberlin College and my M.A in Sociology from Columbia University.